What are some of the Magneto extensions?

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Magneto extensions are an e-commerce platform that is remaining as the first choice of the brands when it comes all about developing the e-commerce website. It is the e-commerce website that can easily sell the products very much effectively. Magneto is one of the most popular CMS for all e-commerce websites. If you are in search of the best tool for making the site highly productive the using this extension can be beneficial.

This provides the additional features to you as far as CMS functionality is concerned. This was developed by the software company in the US which is the open source platform for the e-commerce. This is written as PHP and developed by the company named Varien Inc. In the year 2008 March it was published for the first time. The magneto developing company, later on, was acquired by e-bay.

Here are some of the extensions-
• Optimizely- If you want to keep an eye on clicks, sign ups, conversations or the engagements, Magneto extension named as optimizely can be the best suitable options. This extension was developed by the Blue Acorn. This was developed in collaboration with the optimizely that has developed software for the many different companies. The intention behind the development of the software is to simplify integration between the conversion optimizely software and the magneto, which is popular e-commerce platform.
• XML Sitemaps- this is one of the best extensions comes offering the sitemap for the online stores in XML file. That remains crucial as it helps in enhancing of the SEO results with higher proficiency. It is really a great add-on relating to displaying of links in specific order for search engines like Google, Bing and many more. It helps in simplifying indexing and crawling process. Apart from it a site contains about 50,000 URL. Thus you get authority of developing multiples of sitemaps.
These were some popular Magento modules and can be used for e-commerce.